Whales’ Sing: Reasons Why Whales Sing

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What do you know about common mammals? That’s simple I propose, they are warm-blooded. Every creature that God created makes some noise. This can either be by crying, singing, or making some sought of sound.

Whales are well-known mammals that live in the ocean that can either be in the Indian, Pacific, or Atlantic; they are the most massive sea creatures the world has ever seen. These mammals live in the deep ocean far from humans.

Both male and female whales are dosing with the male having the upper advantage of producing louder sounds.

Whales are known to make various vocals deep beneath the ocean which can be heard thousands of miles away by their brothers and sisters. These vocals can be in the form of singing, grants, moans, howls, or cries.

Well, we will focus on the matter at hand which is

Why Do Whales Sing?

Well, recognition is a significant reason why whales sing; they for once want to be recognized among their peers. Having to do something special and unique earns you credit. Well, whales also sing for this purpose. Some are wondering. Still, they are mammals so.

They do sing when they come across a new surrounding, depending on nature, they will choose the song that goes with the occasion this is so to find direction, well this will guide them in that they will be able to hear obstacles along the way and try to avoid them.

Whales do produce this melody vocal when they happy and enjoying the moment; this can be done when they are in a group or alone. Happiness is a feeling you experience when something feels right to you; that is you are contented. This is experienced when a newborn comes into existence. Oh yes, whales do nurse their young ones; they are perfect parents and guardians.

Whales sing to show that they are versatile, young and energetic; singing to them is like a show of them maturing.

This following fact sounds more fun; males do sing when they spot a female; it is like a connection he feels. With this feeling, he expresses it through singing for his intentions to be well known. The females can either sing back to a node either by agreeing or rejecting. It’s like when you say “Hi” to a girl she will respond or snob you. I know, right.

Related to what you already read above, they do sing to protect their territories during the mating season; males can be too overprotective when another male encroaches his boundary. He has to sing to scare away the other whale or to inform him that the rules that territory.

Also, singing comes into place when the whales are in a group containing both male and females. The males are the ones who do this to get attention; it’s like men when they are in a group socializing either discussion groups, WhatsApp groups, they tend to be the louder ones for their efforts to be noticed most likely by the females.

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Whales are more intelligent just like other mammals they possess numerous qualities which are thought to be associated with human beings. If you sing for your reasons either to break the monotony or please someone or something then know that another creature somewhere deep in the ocean does this also for some of the same rights as you do.